Best Antique Stores in the US

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Apart from museums, antique stores are the next thing with some information about our past. Visiting one is like traveling back in time and seeing how our forefathers lived; it is fun and fascinating. These stores often contain some old antiquity items like ornate glassware, old-school propaganda, childhood toys, and lots more. It just so happens that the United States is home to many breathtaking and standard antique stores worth visiting.

If you love antiques and stay in the US or are visiting soon, you should consider stopping at these top-rated antique stores. Access your crypto wallet if you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast, buy Dogecoin, and get ready for a trip down memory lane.

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Heart of Ohio Antique Center, Springfield, Ohio

Would you love to see an unbelievable amount of fascinating collections of olden day classics? Then, drive down to Springfield, Ohio to the Heart of Ohio Antique Center, a top-rated antique store in the US.

The antique house holds a wide variety of wooden cupboards, canvas paintings, showrooms with gold jewelry, antique signage, and more. Expect to see finer merchandise in the antique center, including a cherry wood table and handcrafted silver boxes.

Midtown Antique Mall, Stillwater, Minnesota

Stillwater, Minnesota is home to two of the best antique stores in the US, the Midtown Antique Mall being one of them. This antique center is filled with authentic goods from almost all the industries in the world. It is a three-story building that reveals a lot of highly revered antique items, including classic mahogany furniture and antique lighting.

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Every antique enthusiast will attest to the magnificence of this antique mall, with 65 different dealers with unique wares and prices.

Granary Antique Mall, Walnut, Iowa

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about this antique store, aside from its breathtaking collection of antiques, is its history. The building was built in the 1800s and was once home to Sprangler’s Livestock and Coal, the go-to market for German migrant farmers.

The building, though owned by different people, still holds a large number of original facilities and machinery. It is one of the major antique furniture stores in the United States, featuring furniture from the Victorian era, among other items.

Paramount Antique Store, Wichita, Kansas

If you don’t mind the long drive, you will find this mall holding vintage and antique stores worth visiting. The antique mall is located in the heart of the country with vintage products and collectibles from every part of America.

It contains home décor, china, glassware, clothing, and many more collections sure to impress the most exotic of shoppers. The mall operates seven days a week and is easily accessible; just open your map, tap in the directions, and drive.

Wiscasset Antiques Mall, Wiscasset, Maine

This is one of the most popular antique stores in the country, even though it is located in a small town. Small though it may be, Wiscasset is famous among collectors for its rich assortment of antique items.

The antique store has a collection of clean and neat olden-day relics, including quality woodworks, historic sporting goods, and more. The best part is that the store isn’t overloaded with goods; you will find the shelves and rooms tastefully organized.

Elizabeth Grand Antique Co., Galena, Illinois

The many years of history of this unique antique mall make it one of the best and worth mentioning. It is a three-story antique mall that blends modern crafts with antique items, offering something to every collector.

The mall houses over two hundred antique vendors, each one peddling his stock to every buyer. The antique store contains a lot of exotic antique and modern crafts, including home décor, woodwork, artworks, and vintage books.

Staples Mill Antiques, Stillwater, Minnesota

Staples Mill Antiques is one of the two iconic antique stores in Stillwater, Minnesota, and one of the best in the US. The building itself is a former sawmill, holding antique dealers that sell truly grand and eye-catching antiques.

The mall houses thirty different vendors providing a wide range of classic antique wares; it is a famous site. The site’s fame is such that the store constantly cycles new objects throughout the shelves for a new experience.


There are dozens more antique stores across the United States, each one containing antiques worth seeing. If you love antiques, we recommend visiting these places mentioned and maybe others you find as you research. These seven antique stores are some of the best antique stores in the United States – truly magnificent.


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