Clothing Brands You’ll Never See in the Shopping Malls

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Typically, most modern clothing brands can be found in any shopping mall. People are used to the fact that shops with jeans, shirts, cardigans, and haberdashery are located next to each other. In part, this solution allows you to save time and buy everything you need in one place. But did you know that not all brands partner with malls? Some companies are focused on the online segment or local stores in any city in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Here are the clothing brands you’ll never see in the shopping malls.

Alien Body

And here is the first brand that belongs to the underground segment. Alien Body is a punk-inflected noise-pop clothing company. Typically, you’ll notice dark and slightly aggressive designs on this brand’s shirts, T-shirts, and cardigans. The main target audience of the company is teenagers, musicians, and artists. So this is why each collection is quite affordable.

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However, you won’t find Alien Body in any mall, so it’s time to visit the official website if you want to shop for new clothes. Thanks to the affordable price, even students can buy clothes from this brand. You even have money left to use an “order essay” option. But be prepared for the fact that many images on clothes will look a little aggressive.

Warren Lotas

Warren Lotas is a famous designer who is known for his originality and expressiveness. You will certainly appreciate his talent down to the brand’s logo design. He created a brand that exploits the most primitive emotional patterns of people. This man creates new collections every six months and produces limited editions of clothing to create artificial scarcity.

While his shirts, hoodies, and jeans are selling pretty quickly, you won’t find the brand logo in any mall. So this is because this company chose a different distribution method. However, no one forbids you to visit the official website or find the nearest reseller.

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Little Whip

Here’s another brand that you are unlikely to find in molls. Little Whip creates unisex clothing that is quite extravagant. Imagine gloomy gothic designs, custom collars, and lots of brightly colored buttons. All these elements are present in every collection of this brand.

Many teenagers love the informal subculture and such clothing protests against the prevailing conservative stereotypes. However, even though the brand is quite popular, you will not find any branded stores in any shopping mall. That is why you will have to take advantage of other ways to buy such clothes.

Ten Yards

Ten Yards is a mix of bold colors, custom cuts, and bold prints. You will surely be surprised when you see the clothes of this brand. Of course, many DJs, musicians, and even actors choose Ten Yards’ hoodies, jeans, and T-shirts. But there is one nuance that will surprise you.

The point is that this brand cannot be bought in shopping malls. The fact is that the company prefers online sales and has few local stores in the US and other countries. That is why lovers of stylish clothes will have to work hard to buy something from the new collection.

Tripp NYC

Do you love suburban punk style? If yes, then you should pay attention to Tripp NYC. This brand creates clothes for teenagers and those who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. The company mainly focuses on summer, autumn, and spring clothing. However, there are quite a few accessories and shoes available on the official website. But you can hardly see the company logo in any mall. That is why you have to work hard to find a reseller in your city.


You should pay attention to Neighborhood if you like avant-gardism. The company has been creating amazing shirts, pants, T-shirts, and cardigans for quite some time now. However, the Neighborhood is in no hurry to open stores in shopping malls. That is why you will have to buy such clothes on the Internet or look for a store in your city. The main problem is that the company produces a small amount of clothing, and fans immediately buy out all the collections.

Why Do Some Clothing Brands Choose to Ignore Shopping Malls?

The fact is that many new brands have a steady stream of customers on the Internet. Imagine your clothes are selling well online. Do you need a store in the shopping mall? You will most likely prefer to sell your clothes online. Plus, not all brands are willing to spend money on rent, salaries, and other aspects. And you shouldn’t forget that quite a few provocative companies create clothes with conflicting prints and slogans. So this is why some brands will never be available to you in most shopping malls.


Now you know that brands believe that online sales are much better than opening stores in malls. So this policy is dictated by the desire to cut costs. However, many brands use provocative symbols that would hardly be appropriate in shopping centers. Luckily, you have many other options to buy the T-shirts, jeans, or shirts you like.

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