Finding Lush Near You

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Finding Lush Near You

Do you want to boost your body care with the best products across the UK but don’t know the best store to help you do that? No worries if you do because Lush comes in handy when you need the right body care solution. Lush opened its doors to consumers in 1995. Six great minds passionate about beauty and body care teamed up to create this enterprise.

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The six founders dusted off the failure of a previous mail-order business that collapsed due to overtrading and flooding. Their determination to make it happen and last has paid off 28 years later. The company is every consumer’s best hub for a wide array of body care solutions, from shower products to hair care. You can contact Lush for the best rates on these body care solutions.

Exploring Lush’s Broad Product Range

Lush has a wide product range that cares for every part of your body, from head to toe. You can sample their products under the following ten categories.

Finding Lush Near You

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Bath Products

You deserve the best bath moments that exceed the mere goal of removing dirt. Lush wants to make your bath times a memorable and nostalgic moment you always look forward to. It offers consumers the best products to give you a relaxing bathing experience coupled with a sense of luxury.

You can soak yourself in its different solutions that give you a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. Some of the products you can get from this vendor include bath bombs, bubble bath bars, bath oils, bath bombs and bubble bars for kids, unique wedding favors, handmade soap, blockbuster baths, vegan and bath products.

CBD lovers can also test its 4:20 pm bath bomb to enjoy natural relaxation. You can get a wider CBD bath bomb range at

Shower Products

Showering is a great way to refresh yourself quickly when you don’t have the time for a comprehensive bath. These moments should never be boring, with many products Lush offers to cater to this daily need available to you. Its shower product range features shower gels, shower jellies, shower bombs, shower gifts, shower oils and moisturizers, and handmade soap. Vegan lovers can also get a wide range of vegan shower products.


Your hair is your natural crown of beauty God gave you. So, care for it well using Lush’s healthy hair care solutions. You can sample various products designed to give you perfect routine hair care. You can enjoy different solutions like shampoo, shampoo bars, conditioners, hair styling, hair treatments, and perfumes. Vegan lovers also have their fair share of vegan hair products.

Body Care

You only have one body and need to care for it well. That’s why you should sample the different hair care solutions to give your body deserved care. These include lotions, massage bars, sprays, deodorants, foot care, shaving, and hand care solutions.

Muscle Recovery

Your body needs recovery after a workout or engaging in demanding physical activities. You should never worry when the time comes to give your body a deserving recovery. You can count on Lush’s products to soak yourself in a luxurious bathtub with pain-relieving remedies. These products are made with supportive ingredients like lavender and peppermint to relieve muscle cramps and hasten recovery.

Sun Care

The sun is good for your skin. But excess exposure can be counterproductive in the long term. So, you can rest and protect your skin with skin-soothing and protecting products designed for this purpose. These products are tested on human volunteers to give sure results and not on animals because Lush doesn’t promote brutality against animals. You can also get an extra protection layer with designer hats and shades.


You deserve to look and smell cool. Getting the right fragrance that inspires and delights your mood from ethically sourced essential oils is possible. Lush makes it happen for your body and home with its wide product range. You can find these solutions as solid perfumes, body sprays, candles, home fragrances, vegan perfumes, and perfume gift sets.


You can’t go wrong if you are a vegan who believes in cruelty-free products. Lush provides these solutions with beauty products that undergo ethical testing. These products include mascara and eyeliners, Trix stick concealers, slapstick foundations, glow stick highlighters, vegan lipstick, skin tints and face powders, vegan makeup brushes, lip scrubs and balms, and makeup for sensitive skin.


The giving hand is more blessed than the receiving one. That’s why the giver’s hand is always on top of the receiver’s. Do you want to surprise your loved ones with gifts? Then you can get the best for them from a wide pool. Lush provides gift solutions for birthdays, parents, kids and teens, spouses, friends, and even corporate organizations.

Oral Care

Your oral wellness and health are critical. You can choose from different oral solutions packed with natural ingredients. These products also come in recycled packaging to protect the environment. Some include toothpaste, mouthwash, lip scrubs and balms, and vegan lipstick.

Sleep Products

Your sleep is important for your life. Sleeping well and adequately is necessary for all-around life performance. A good night’s sleep helps your body rejuvenate and function optimally. You don’t need to sentence yourself to insomnia when you can fast-track a good night’s sleep with products featuring calming, sleep-promoting ingredients. Lush offers various sleep products to enable you to enjoy a good night’s rest, ready to face a new day.

How to Find a Lush Outlet Near You

You can find your nearest Lush shop using different methods. Below are four options to try.

Closing Remarks

You are updated with what Lush offers and how you can find its nearest shop. You can use this information to make an informed choice and contact the nearest store for your next shopping experience.

The author of this material is Lana Braslavska, a dedicated fan of Lush skincare products and a cannabis writer at AskGrowers. Lana is always on the lookout for the best consumer products for beauty and skincare, preferably with CBD for the benefit of skin health, which she shares with her readers to promote CBD-infused self-care.

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