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Are you looking for a FYE in your neighborhood?

You’ve just found the easiest way to locate FYE stores near you! Use the map below to find detailed information about outlets, including hours and directions by clicking on the map pins…

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F.Y.E. is an American entertainment chain based in Albany (the initials for your entertainment). In 1993, it was previously owned by Trans World Entertainment and was expanded to include Camelot, Strawberry, Record Town, Coconuts and Disc Jockey, after buying and renaming the center shop.

It was built in 2001. As of May 2019, there are 206 places. As of 2020, F.Y.E. had a registered office of 2428392, Inc.

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In Trumbull, in Connecticut, the first F.Y.E. shop opened in 1993. In Victor, New York, there was a second opened in 1995, while in Colonies Center (New York), a third opened in 1997.

In 2001, after buying Camelot music, Trans World brought its other mall-based stores together under the name “F.Y.E.”

In that year, F.Y.E. became a major rebranding campaign for the trans-world entertainment mall shops and many freestanding venues.

Some freestanding stores like Planet Music continued to operate under local brands.


A New Era For FYE

In 2016, the company moved to “F.Y.E.” for the store and the website.
In 2006, Trans World started transforming the buildings in the vicinity of the Salt Lake, Utah, and New York F.Y.E.

Superstores which used to be Cocosus Stores and Media Play outlets. Over 100 locations and an additional 52 in 2012 were closed in 2009.

Trans World opened new F.Y.E. design stores in 2016, with a new logo and appearance.

An expanded selection of vinyl records and modern plug-ins (such as Rockaway Town square in Rockaway, New Jersey), while the Blu-rays’ selection, CD and DVDs were reduced.

The Last Record Store Chain

F.Y.E. founder Bob Higgins, C.E.O., passed away in March 2017. Higgins was responsible for establishing the F.Y.E. brand and for preserving its profitability and its position as the last music chain store remaining.

In November 2018, the F.Y.E. parent company, which charged its credit and debit cards $11,99 each month until customers cancelled their services, was indicted in the federal courts for misleading clients by asking them for ‘free’ and /or ‘loyalty’ membership programs and magazine subscribers.

Another allegation was that the marketing company Synapse shared customer information without the consent of the customer.


33 F.Y.E. shops were closed in 2018, and an additional 35 were scheduled to close on February 2, 2019, before the end of the financial year of Trans World.
In 2020, TWEC was purchased by Sunrise Records and announced later.
Although most of the trans-world entertainment parent company’s chains were converted into F.Y.E. stores in full, many chains were left open.

Stores were otherwise kept and operated in the same fashion as a traditional retail company with the exception of the naming plate. The following are:

Coconut’s: Evansville, Indiana
Sam Goody: St. Clairsville, Ohio and Medford, Oregon

Hato Rey, Puerto Rico: Spec’s Music
Omaha, North Carolina, Oregon, Portland and Beavercreek, Ohio, Sun coast Motion Picture Company: Eatontown, Beaumont, Texas, Omaha, Nebraska, Jacksonville, New Jersey,
Discs and tapes manifesto: Charlotte, Carolina North to find F.Y.E. easily, just use state-sorting and see all stores from the map.

You will learn about F.Y.E.: location at the mall, other locations nearby, opening times, map and GPS, addresses, phone numbers, contacts. The following business information.

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