Hawaiian Food Near Me

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Hawaiian Food Near Me

Hawaiian cuisine is a mix of many cultures and cuisines from Asia, Spain and Polynesia. The foods people eat at these restaurants include rice-based dishes like poke (a raw fish dish), poi (a type of cooked Hawaiian bread) and ahi (yellowfin tuna) along with meat-based dishes like grilled kalua pig and pork belly. Around the US, there are many kinds of Hawaiian cuisine that use many ingredients. You can find many dishes that are similar at different restaurants.

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Use the Interactive Map to Find Hawaiian Food Nearby


The Hawaiian-style dish is very common in both native cultures and tourists, thanks to its versatility. It’s tasty and fills you up, and it’s remarkably cheap too. You’ll often see it in roadside stands and drive-in restaurants. There is one main ingredient that is included in every Hawaiian dish – protein – it comes in many forms, such as chicken and steak.


Poke means “to cut crossways into pieces” and that describes the look and feel of this delicious dish. When someone orders poke, he or she will choose to add dice of fatty fish, including tuna, salmon, or octopus, that are steamed, grilled, and served with other ingredients.


Luau Stew, a dish that is usually made from cooked luau plants, is similar to what it sounds like. These are leaves that are from a particular tree that grows in Hawaii, the taro plant. These are cooked with some rice and/or poi to give it a little extra flavour. Because only leaves can be used, many vegetarians enjoy making their own luau stew. Some stews aren’t completely vegan, as you’re likely to find plenty of meat and vegetables – even squid is a very common ingredient in luau stews.

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Haupia dessert is famous throughout Hawaii because of its many rich, creamy flavors. When you are thinking about what hula haupia cake can do for you, it is important that you appreciate the wonderful flowers that are native to Hawaii. This dessert makes use of coconut cream and is usually eaten alongside rice or stew.  Combining it with whipped cream, butter, and melted chocolate creates the ultimate delicious dessert.


Loco moco is regarded as a uniquely Hawaiin dish because of its simplicity of recipe and appeal. It is a popular dish in Hawaii that is served with a variety of ingredients. The classic dish often has a hamburger served with rice and a boiled egg on top.  But you could also have options that include ham, sausage, chicken, shrimp or oysters. It can be eaten as a main course or as a side dish.



You can use your search engine to find the nearest Hawaiian restaurants near you. Type in “hawaiian restaurants near me” and then narrow it down by category such as fast food, drive-ins and more.


Another option is Yelp, which offers a great way to discover Hawaii-style cuisine in other parts of the United States. You can type in “Hawaiian restaurant” or “Hawaiian food” onto the search engine and then narrow your search by neighborhood, type or price point.

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