Hot Food Near Me

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Hot Food Near Me

Hot and spicy food is something that many people love to eat. Some people like it because they love heat, while others enjoy it as a change from their normal meals. It is a common misconception that spicy food causes heart attacks and heat stroke, but the truth is that it is important to eat spicy foods in moderation.

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Use the Interactive Map to Find Hot Food Nearby

SLATER’S 50/50

If you want to buy the best burger in the world, you’re at the correct place. The Slater’s 50/ burger is so hot you must wear gloves when eating it. The patie is a combination of beef and chorizo. Added toppings to this special burger are: ghost-pill cheese, habanera jam, and deep-fried habanero poppers topped with cream cheese. You might want one of the famous milkshakes to help you feel more refreshed.


Miss Lily’s is a local favorite in Manhattan where people can get the most spicy jerk chicken wings. Chicken is marinated for three days. They are marinated in a flavor-packed brine that’s made from organic scotch bonnet peppers and then ruffed with shredded coconut and fried until crispy. Next, they’ll be boiled and then steam-cooked to preserve the flavor, then seasoned with a spicy jerk sauce.


San Francisco’s Mission District has plenty of fine Mexican restaurants, but it’ll be Papalote Mexican Grill serving one of the tastiest burritos in the city.  These are three protein combos that make up the aptly called Triple Threat Burrito. It all comes with a very spicy salsa that is quite famous and that you can get a bottle of it for yourself.

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Liuzza’s on the Green was founded in 1930 in New Orleans, Louisiana, as a grocery store, but eventually became a restaurant. It’s quite famous for its spicy gumbo, made from chicken breasts, okra andouille sausage.


Pepperfire Hot Chicken is a recipe for spicy chicken breast meat which makes everyone in the restaurant feel like they are eating hot coals. Carolina’s reapers, the spiciest peppers in the world, flavor the oil used to make the chicken tenders. The owner has created six different kinds of hot sauce for customers to try, based on how much they like spicy foods. The wings are then placed on a toasted cheese & mayonnaise sandwich that is made with lots of Texas toast.



If you want to find the hottest restaurants nearby, then Google is the right online search engine to use. You will be able to find all the hot and spicy restaurants near you by searching for “hot food places near me”.


Using Yelp is another way that you can discover hot food places near you. Just type “hot food places near me” into this website’s search bar to see a list of them. Then, look at these reviews and decide which ones sound like they are good for you.

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