10 Largest Shopping Malls in Europe

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If you come to a new European city and get tired of numerous sightseeing tours, don’t rush to get upset, especially being an avid fashionista. This part of the world has managed to prove to be a mecca of vogue, trends, and all possible innovations. Of course, according to Forbes, one may say that the largest shopping malls are located in the USA and Asia, and if you compare them to their European siblings, the latter will take a back seat. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that they will be tiny and unimpressive. On the contrary, they will surprise you with various entertainment options and a stunning selection of world-famous brands. Thus, once in Europe, make sure to pop into one of the largest shopping malls to grab a few stunning outfits.

1.   Bielany Retail Park – Wroclaw – Poland

Even though Poland is on the list of the most underestimated European countries, it can boast some gems. Well, at least shopaholics will be definitely satisfied if they find themselves in Bielany Retail Park, which occupies about 170,000 sqm. It can provide visitors with a tight entertainment program, so it would be awesome to make additional room in your schedule. If you study in college, you can read nursing writing services reviews to find a trustworthy helper who will provide you with all your papers done on time. Thus, you will enjoy eight cinema screens, one of the biggest Ikea stores, numerous cafes, and fashion boutiques.

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2.   MEGA Family Shopping Centre – Khimki – Russia

You know that Russians are fond of chic, so it is not surprising their shopping mall that occupies more than 210,000 sqm enters such a list. Here you can come across a chain of shopping centers run by IKEA. Besides, whether you want to purchase high-tech devices, luxury apparel, accessories, or home decor, for example, you will find everything there.

3.   Paradise Center – Sofia – Bulgaria

Even though its area gives in to other shopping malls being just 208,000 sqm, it can boast more than 350 stores so that you will find something to your liking. It has four zones, created in specific styles and concepts. So, don’t be surprised to run into a lake with a bridge or a waterfall. Moreover, it can boast fourteen multiplex theatres, four full-fledged restaurants, an ice rink, a spa, and a broad range of shops.

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4.   Arena Centar – Zagreb – Croatia

This shopping mall possesses two levels dedicated to shopping and one created specifically for entertainment. Once in Arena Centar, you will feel the atmosphere of the country since the designers were inspired by the traditions and styles of the five regions. You will find all the most popular stores, including Zara, Sephora, Massimo Dutti, etc.

5.   MEGA Belaya Dacha – Kotelniki – Russia

One more huge shopping mall is located in Russia. It occupies more than 300,000 sqm and can please even picky visitors with a bright, entertaining program. You can come upon numerous restaurants with different cuisines, the Crazy Park entertainment center, bowling and billiards clubs, a 15 screen movie theatre, play area for kids, and, of course, all possible stores.

6.   Puerto Venecia – Zaragoza – Spain

Location is one of its greatest advantages, so it will not be a big deal to reach out to it. The mall occupies about 207,000 sqm and has two levels dedicated for shopping, cinemas, playgrounds, etc. Moreover, the very building stands out with its design, textures, and materials utilized for its creation.

7.   Trafford Centre – Greater Manchester – United Kingdom

It is not just a traditional shopping mall but an outstanding leisure complex that occupies more than 186,000 sqm. Different styles inspired designers, so the mall represents a mixture of luxury, sophistication, and simplicity at the same time. It is divided into four areas dedicated to different activities. For example, the Orient is devoted to restaurants and coffee houses. In addition, the shopping zone can boast various stores of local and world-famous brands.

8.   Mediterranean Cosmos – Thessaloniki – Greece

If you want to try your hand at shopping in Greece, make sure to come here since it is one of the biggest malls. You can spend the whole day there and not get bored because it represents a huge entertainment complex that involves fashion shops, restaurants, a cinema with 11 screens, and even an Eastern Orthodox church.

9.   Westgate Mall – London – United Kingdom

London is one of the most desirable travel destinations for many people for a reason. It can offer a comprehensive entertainment program and move your shopping experience to a completely different level with one of its biggest malls. So whether you are interested in high fashion or urban trends and casual outfits, you will find everything you need there. Besides, it possesses cinemas, bowling, and even a casino, so if you have enough money, you will have something to do there.

10.  Istanbul Cevahir – Istanbul – Turkey

Some people argue whether one can perceive Turkey as a European country. Considering that its part is located in Europe, and the country has long become a favorite gateway for Europeans, we can mention it on the list. Once in Istanbul, you can find a tremendously huge shopping mall whose area exceeds 420,000 sqm. It can please you with six retail floors, numerous restaurants, twelve cinemas, a bowling hall, and even a small roller coaster.

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