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About Macys

Recently, retail giants have been drawing on the online shopping experience in order to remain relevant in an increasingly digital world.
In an attempt to stand above the competition, Macy’s draws its new customer strategy from both philosophies.
The retail juggernaut is currently developing a host of interactive, self-service technologies to expedite the purchasing process and “mirror the online purchasing experience” as part of a pilot program at its sites in Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s.

Macy works at the same time to enhance its web store with components that are essentially brick and mortar, such as the ability to select jeans that actually match.

The Macy projects stress their belief that customers today appreciate a consistent, seamless experience throughout the various shopping channels.

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“In our stores, we use technology to reflect the shopping experience online and to add features and content online to offer customers additional support in product selection.”

“Our omni channel strategy aims ultimately at deepening relations and ensuring that Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are accessible regardless as to how or when our customers choose to explore or shop.”

Among the specific initiatives being tested in some places:
“Search & Send” – Macy’s Inventory network, which allows customers to locate and order goods not in stock or available at a certain location, will be incorporated into its retail registers.

“Beauty Spot” – a self-service kiosk that allows customers to search the inventory of cosmetics and to gain insight and research before making a choice. “The customers can assist and process credit card transactions by a dedicated Beauty Spot Concierge Associate.”

Tablets At Macys

Computer tablets are stored on the retail sites that provide similar functionality to the Beauty Spot kiosks. They are also used in the delivery service so that partners can more efficiently and accurately manage the process using GPS and digital signature suites.

“True Fit” will be equipped with a tool to help women to choose jeans best suited to “unique preferences in body and style.”
Customer Answer Units — Customer response units such as Google Wallet are re-engineered for the store’s pay pads.
Combined with offers such as Wi-F and digital receipts, Macy’s all-channel initiative’s overarching topic is clear so that the shopping experience is simply comprehensive.

The changes, on the one hand, offer the customer more quickly, efficiently and easily. However, many of the new tools focus on the desire of customers to be exhaustive during their shopping, their tendency to take online research and impressions into account before purchasing.


Dual focus access without sacrificing convenience to all the necessary product information is simply another way of saying “the best features of online and brick-and-mortar experiences should be used for shoppers on any channels.”
Macedonia’s conclusions, which require a high-quality customer experience across multiple channels, are doubtful for many customer manager professionals. However, where discrepancies may arise, customers want to reflect one another on their various channels.

Many client management professionals emphasize the conviction of a unique client experience for every channel.
This philosophy alone wouldn’t make many changes in Macy valuable. In principle, the use of technology to speed up the shopping experience of individuals is not objectionable. The attempt to make online shopping experiences more palpable is not undesirable.
The lasting impact of these improvements could, however, make those who value the unique experiences of the different channels alarming (particularly on the brick-and-mortar side).


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