Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Online Shopping Cheaper

By Max •  Updated: 05/28/22 •  5 min read

Online Shopping Cheaper

Recently we have seen a boom in online shopping. More and more people are using the services offered by various portals, large or small, for the simple convenience of shopping online. But is it always the best way to save money on expenses? The truth is that it’s not always cheaper to shop online. But some tricks can help you save money on online shopping.

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Before we reveal our money-saving tips, we’d like to make a recommendation to help you avoid surprises and bad experiences: only shop on trusted sites. This is exactly the same situation as with essay writing service, where you can also come across unverified sites and regret it.

7 Tips for saving money when shopping online

Compare prices

This is one of the main things we have to do to save money when shopping online. If we always choose the first option, we directly discard the fact that the same item can be found at a better price on another site.

Today, for example, in Google, we find the “Shopping” tab, where we can find the product we are interested in and various information. We can use different filters to create a price scale or similar models.

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Take advantage of discount campaigns

Another interesting option to save money when shopping online is to take advantage of discount campaigns run by various establishments.

But these aren’t the only dates to keep in mind: back to school, VAT-free days, Amazon Prime Day… And then there are dates like Singles Day or the famous Black Friday, which involves hundreds of stores and allows you to buy all sorts of items at a lower price right before the Christmas campaign.

Look for codes that will lower the price

Have you ever seen the typical box before making an online payment that says “Discount code or promo code”? You can use these coupons to save money on a purchase at a supermarket, clothing brand, shoe… Our advice, if there’s a place that says you can enter a code, look it up on Google. If you find it, you’ll save money, and if not, at least give it a try.

The best day to shop online vs. the worst day to shop online

Is there really the best day to shop online and the worst day to save money? Yes, there really is. It’s better to shop early in the week than on the weekend. The key is the time we have for browsing, and it’s usually longer on weekends.

Monday and Tuesday are the best days to shop online to save money. And, without a doubt, the worst days to shop are the end of the week. For some items, such as game consoles, the best day is Monday and the worst is Sunday; for car seats, the best day is Tuesday and the worst is Sunday; for video games, the best day is Monday and the worst is Saturday, saving up to 15 percent; sunglasses, the best day to shop online and save money is Monday and the worst is Saturday, saving up to 17 percent.

As for games, the best day to buy them is Monday and the worst is Friday, with a price difference of up to 18 percent.

Analyze shipping and handling costs

Don’t forget to check the return policy of the site you’re buying from. This will help you avoid surprises and also help you choose the best deal on the item you’re interested in. Sometimes some places offer them for free, but always when the minimum purchase reaches a certain amount.

Many web portals also offer an attractive price for buying an item online, but do not include the cost of shipping. These amounts added to the initial amount will probably make you pay more than other portals’ prices, and you’ll end up paying more.

Newsletter registration

The famous “newsletters” are also a tool that can help us save money on online shopping. Institutions will keep you informed through your e-mail address about new campaigns or offers that may be of interest to you.

Keep in mind, however, that emails of this type always end up in your Junk Mail folder. So you should be careful and check to make sure that profitable offers don’t go unnoticed.

Refunds in online stores

Some companies partner with various retailers so that their loyal customers can take advantage of discounts. This is very common with banks, for example. If you purchase a physical or online establishment that they have agreements with, they will give a percentage of the cost back. These won’t be big refunds, as they are between 2 and 7% of the cost.

To take advantage of these refunds, check the terms set forth by your bank. Very often, for example, they have agreements with food delivery companies or with companies that supply electricity.


These are some of the tricks we can offer you to save money when shopping online, but they are not the only ones. At all times, you should make sure that it is the best option for you and assess whether now is the right time to buy.

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