Shopping As Form Of Leisure Among Adolescents And Students

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Shopping has ceased to be only a necessity and a tedious obligation for people. Lately, shopping has become a hobby, exciting entertainment, and a way of living. Modern students love shopping and spend hours online and offline shopping. They also often used online services where they can pay to write essay for them. This way they spend way less time and effort.

To begin with, we need to clarify and separate the concepts of “free time” and the concept of “leisure time. We think that it is more correct to separate, and distinguish the concepts of “leisure” and “free time. In Western sociology, these concepts have practically merged and are used as synonyms. However, we believe that this is not quite correct. Therefore, in this work, we will understand the concept of “free time” is the time free from compulsory affairs and that a person can spend on any activity. Leisure time is those activities, with which a person fills his or her free time.

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After considering the definition of “leisure” and “free time” let’s move on to characterizing its functions. We have distinguished the functions of leisure. These are the functions of recreation, entertainment, and development, as well as compensatory, economic, social, and cultural functions.

Recreation, entertainment, and personal development are the primary, obvious, obvious functions of free time, lying, so to speak, “on the surface” of this phenomenon. But there are also secondary functions.

The economic function of leisure activities is to the use of free time to prepare its subject for subsequent professional and labor activity. As for the relationship between free time and social stratification, then, apparently, we can talk about the nature of the use of free time as one of the criteria for stratification differences in society. This is one of the social functions of free time.

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Another function of free time that has been named is cultural. Through its use in certain directions People are involved in various ways and forms of cultural life, education, sports, tourism, etc.

The compensatory function of free time. The essence of the compensatory function of free time is that it provides the help of leisure activities to compensate for those losses and costs, which a person incurs in connection with the performance of imperative duties in working (educational) and nonworking (extracurricular) time.

Along with functions, free time is also characterized by certain dysfunctions. Their essence is in the violation of stability and balance in society through antisocial and antipersonnel use of free time. Many people cannot properly organize their leisure time. Hence deviant behavior and, as a consequence, a significant portion of offenses. a considerable part of delinquency and crime. Of course, free time, not the amount of it per se is the cause. But, the fact that it is often a powerful catalyst of antisocial behavior, by virtue of its basic Freedom, choice of activities, etc., is unlikely to raise any doubts.

A sociological analysis of shopping as a form of leisure time 

The sociological analysis of shopping also requires clarification of the concept of shopping. Let’s say at once that shopping as a phenomenon is not new, but a concept that has been little studied so far.

Shopping is visiting shops and buying goods that a person needs. necessary goods for a person. The functions of shopping are similar to those of leisure – it is economic, social, cultural, the function of recreation and entertainment, personal development, and compensatory. Thus, we can rightfully assert that shopping is a form of leisure.

Shopping, as a form of leisure time, has recently begun to gain popularity among young people: both students and working people as well as among schoolchildren. We conducted an empirical study in which

We conducted our sociological analysis and compared leisure and shopping priorities between adolescents and students. The empirical analysis of leisure time allows us to draw the following conclusions.

  1. The modern value system of adolescents and students is built not on the material, but on moral, “eternal” values (Family, friends, etc.).
  1.  Teenagers prefer passive recreation (in particular Computer), students, on the contrary, prefer active leisure.
  1. Shopping is not a leisure activity for most teenagers, but a way of i.e. for teenagers, shopping has a purely practical function. performs a purely practical function. Students, on the other hand, are beginning to get pleasure and recreation from shopping.
  1. Despite limited financial resources, teenagers go to shopping to buy absolutely necessary stuff.

Of course, teenagers go shopping in their free time, when they have it, when they have money (especially if they earn it themselves), and they can spend it however they want. But still, for today’s teenager shopping has not (yet) become a form of leisure. But this state of affairs changes when teenagers grow up and get older, and finish school. That’s when shopping becomes a popular form of recreation – especially for girls who think about their appearance, always want to look good, and are interested in fashion.

Also during the study, we were able to identify the following factors, influencing shopping as a form of leisure time: objective – gender, age, media, advertising, fashion, and subjective – motivation, interest in shopping, personal experience respondents.The main hypothesis we put forward about the importance of shopping as a leisure activity partially proved to be true. For the majority of teenagers, shopping fulfills a purely practical function, then there is already a tendency for students to for the majority of teenagers, there is already a tendency for shopping to become more and more of a form of recreation that functions for relaxation, self-development, and entertainment. For students. shopping is becoming a leisure time activity.

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